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CODE: ms0165

In stock
Description: they work for all the Yokomo buggies like YZ-834B through MX-4 it’s exact replacement for ZC-107C  Feature:... More
10 days

YOKOMO ZC-107C lightened wing holders WCS MASAMI MX-4 YZ-834B

CODE: ms0166

In stock
Description: For:  the team drivers used this wing mount for their prototype and production cars. and it was standard for ’93... More
10 days

YOKOMO wing holders WCS MASAMI 834B, 870C, Works, YZ10 and MX4

CODE: ms0167

In stock
Description:   they are the exact replica of yokomo wing holders you can find from 834B, 870C, Works, YZ10 and MX4  ... More
10 days

YOKOMO Yokomo gold aluminum body mount for YZ10 for ’94 to ’97 YZ10

CODE: ms0168

In stock
Description: Yokomo gold aluminum body mount for YZ10 for ’94 to ’97 YZ10 Feature: very  light and strong ... More
10 days

YOKOMO Yokomo Chassis post for Yokomo works and YZ10

CODE: ms0169

In stock
Description: Yokomo Chassis post it’s the direct replacement for Yokomo works and YZ10 buggies Feature: very  light and... More
10 days

YOKOMO 94 and ’95 YZ10 93 Works 93 WCS lightened wheel hubs

CODE: ms0170

In stock
Description: Yokomo ’93 WCS lightened wheel hubs this set is an exact replica of ’93 WCS YZ10 prototype. only the... More
10 days

kyosho optima 2016 javelin salute alloy one piece wheels set new A Type

CODE: ms0164

$107.00   $89.00
In stock
Description: one set of 4 wheels This is the pargu's alloy  wheels for javelin , optima 4WD etc... 12mm hex Feature:... More
10 days

kyosho optima alloy parts gold conversion kit

CODE: ms0147

In stock
Description: This is the pargu's alloy parts Feature:  all alloy parts for optima For:   optima etc..... More
10 days